Our Team

Our Team Istria Search Fund Investors

At Istria we work closely with exceptional search fund entrepreneurs whose ambitions align with ours.

In 2018 we defied conventional wisdom by launching the first European fund of search funds. Since then we have partnered with more than 120 search entrepreneurs and have invested in more than 40 companies.

Our mission is to be the first call for European search fund entrepreneurs that want to make a difference and partner with them to help them build great companies. We have been on the ground in Europe since 2016, developing unrivaled local insight and a deep understanding of the search fund model.

As the pioneering fund of search funds in Europe, we are proud to have invested along with some of the pioneering search entrepreneurs in countries like France, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Chile, Czech Republic or the Baltics.

Our values

Below are the core principles that guide our decisions and shape how we interact with each other, our entrepreneurs and the search fund community in general.

Passionate about winning

We aim to build a European search fund powerhouse. We work hard to win the hearts of the search entrepreneurs and encourage them to think big.

People-driven, entrepreneur first

We believe that building teams and inspiring growth in people is the best way to build enduring businesses.

Partner early, on call 24/7

We like to partner early during the search, and are (almost) always available to advise, assist or consult with our searchers and CEOs.

We’re in for the long-term

Although we are called investors, we like to think of ourselves as partners to help build great businesses over the long term.

A community within the SF community

We connect our entrepreneurs with other search entrepreneurs, investors, operators, executives and industry experts.

Functional and actionable expertise

We aim to deliver actionable expertise to our entrepreneurs in all critical stages of the search fund journey.

Honest feedback and integrity

Integrity is the backbone of our firm. We believe in honest and direct feedback, in both directions. We have low tolerance to dishonest, belittling, or arrogant behavior.

Preserve the SF ethos

We think of ourselves as stewards of the search fund community, and are committed to the principles of collaboration, transparency and alignment of interests that have made the search fund model work.