Unleashing your potential

A unique platform to help you
succeed as a search entrepreneur

We provide the infrastructure to help you by assisting at key inflection points and leveraging our network through all stages of your search and operations, with a mix of tools, resources and human talent.

Lead Investor support
Board support
Functional expertise
Access to our network
Best practices / SF Playbook
Seminars & Workshops

Searching better

Time is the biggest enemy of the searcher. At Istria we like to get involved early on and help our entrepreneurs speed up the learning curve and accelerate the search process.

  • On-demand support on critical aspects of the search: setting up engine, search strategy.
  • Strategic advice on LOI and company valuation.
  • Istria Searcher Program: exchange best practices on search topics with other searchers and participate in webinars and workshops.

Acquiring the right business

Buying well is a key component to the success of a search fund. There are many ways in which we can help:

  • We often play a lead investor role in acquisitions.
  • We help build a solid investment thesis and a value creation plan.
  • Advice on how to best conduct deal negotiations, determine a fair valuation and transaction structure.
  • Take part in conversations with the seller to build trust and increase confidence on ability to close.
  • Access to our network of investors and industry experts.

Landing on the Operations

The first 12-18 months operating the business are overwhelming for most search fund CEOs. Getting enough support and mentorship from experienced investors is critical during this initial stage:

  • Board support: we serve on several international search fund boards and have board capacity for the future.
  • On-demand support on all aspects of the early operations: 100-day plan, implementing financial systems, building a sales force, hiring key employees.
  • Istria CEO Program: exchange best practices with other Istria CEOs and participate in targeted webinars and workshops with experienced CEOs and operators.

Managing Growth

Once the CEO has made it through the first 18-24 months, the business must get ready for the growth phase. These are a few ways we can help:

  • Help the CEO transition from a doer to a manager, and then into a leader.
  • On-demand support on key areas of growth management: building infrastructure, assembling the right leadership team, capital allocation.
  • Istria CEO Program.
  • Istria MBA Talent program: We provide access to a network of young talent from top MBA schools for executive positions and internships.


After running a business successfully for several years achieving a good exit is a key part of the value creation journey. There are a few ways in which we can help you to capitalize on the efforts made:

  • Provide a liquidity event for investors and/or the CEO via a recap of the business.
  • Provide additional equity to support growth initiatives of our portfolio companies.
  • Develop relationships with PE funds and strategic buyers.
  • Divestment and capital allocation strategies.