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We embrace the rough imperfection of working with small growing businesses and first time CEOs. We like to partner early, and help our entrepreneurs from day one of their search all the way to the exit.

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2016 – 2019

Tagus Capital
Asta Capital
Sachem Partners
Lea Succession
Ibero Capital
Syna Capital
RJ Capital
Namencis Capital
MED Leaders
Idus Capital
Blue Knot Partners
Koru Nachfolge
Giers Management
Baluarte Capital
Magnus Partners
CS Investimenti
Albatros Equity
Tilden Capital
Signatus Capital
Navega Capital
Zinc Capital
Vesta Capital
Horizonte Capital
Saussol Transmission
Soris Capital
K6 Transmission
Legacy Partners

2020 – 2021

Ibérica Partners
Ayerma Transmission
Stella Maris Equity
Landale Partners
Appleby Succession
Hexagon Capital
Kilimanjaro Capital
Versa Capital
Virtus Mittelstand
Gazelle Capital
Timshel Transmission
Taurus Capital
Margen Capital
Skyline Capital
Wahlers & Kabanov
SDG Transmission
SMGO Capital
Pine Coast Capital
Riverbank Capital
Primus Transmission
Atlante Capital
Sillage Transmission
Snowfall Capital
Argo Partners
Everest Capital
Nobis Capital
Quercus Transmission
Atlas Nachfolge
Axias Capital
Duhau Capital
Sirius Transmission
Elm Lake
Luceiro Capital
Surca Capital
Bravo Capital
Lemuy Group
Alpinuum Capital
T&R Capital
Pebble Legacy
La Colina Equity
Lotta Capital


Divisadero Capital
LDue Capital
Ayete Partners
Acacia Capital

Updated as of January 31, 2024

Istria’s support was invaluable to us during the acquisition phase - their knowledge of the search fund model, experience in structuring complex deals across jurisdictions, and sheer willingness to help at all times during the execution stage, really helped us to put all other investors at ease and get the deal over the line. They carry a tremendous amount of trust and respect in the search fund community - seeing first hand how they’ve helped us in closing Velis, I truly understand why and I cannot recommend them enough!


Istria is bringing a huge value to entrepreneurs, whether searchers or CEOs: with such a global perspective on search funds and so many SMEs acquired, they surely have already encountered the challenges one can be facing. By leveraging their depth of thinking, their network and the knowledge they have on acquiring SMEs, they will surely bring solutions to the table. I have particularly worked more closely with Istria when going down the path of due diligence and closing the transaction. They have been extremely reactive and helpful at the moment where it matters most.


Istria has been a huge point of support for us during our difficult negotiations with the seller, brainstorming COVID-related measures, and Board dynamics. Simón, Ignacio and Isaac have proven to be constantly available to listen to our doubts and worries and have always shown a pragmatic approach that has helped us move in the right direction.


Ignacio, Simon and the Istria team is a great partner for us with
their professionalism and easy-going attitude. They’re very supportive and helpful, always available on short notice and happy to dig into details, and generously share their contacts and network. We really enjoy working with the Istria team and hope to continue doing so for many years to come!